it was a beautiful night filled with bright and twinkling stars

the street she was passing by had peace wrapped in its arms

that little pup next to the road kept looking at her in some hope

she went close and unfold her arms, like it was the pup waited from side apart

just as her eyes catch with it, tears broke the seal and ended flooding

she went on and on flooding through her eyes, what was that she could not justify

the pup got a little closer and kissed her chicks

what happened next was magical to feel

the love she felt missing since she was abandoned by her people she loved

seems to be approaching her in a bundle.



To know that you’re not alone feeling empty

I have sent some blank pages to show

Yes, it’s hard to accept and repent anything

But it’s not wrong at all

To be alone is a blessing in disguise

Because love will come there where it feels never been to

Love blesses empty hearts the most

So don’t you worry

You will better be alone and see

Love to get along with you



Initial /इंतिला (inform)

नींद आँखों मे नही न रातो में
कोई पता मिले तो इंतिला करना
एक कर्ज़ बकाया है इसका मुझपर
कोई खाता अधूरा मिले तो इंतिला करना।

Neend aankho me nahi na ratoon me

Koi pata mile to intila karna

Ek karz bakaya hai iska mujhpar

Koi khata adhoora mile to intila karna.



Both the sleep and the night

lost their way

The kid inside me wants them to stay

Just for while she wants the stars to blink

Just for a while, she wants to be asleep

If possible, make them stay

The kid wants to believe in the dark in her last moments.



Sometimes I wish
If the clock could stop at zero o’clock

We need not be nicer and wiser for everything

For a while, there could be some relief
Without a tweak, we could be more existing

Lives would be a little quiet and serene
And the rooftops would be more lively like any glittery thing

Only if the clock could stop at zero o’clock.