Will BTS Gonna Take Grammy Award To The Seoul Town Road!

It all started from an interview when the anchor asked what is next and Suga replied. “maybe Grammy!” and here they are attending Grammy awards since 2019.

picture source: metro.co.uk

In the 61st Grammy Award, BTS’s most renounced album Love Yourself “Tear” was nominated for best recording package in the year 2019.

The “Fake Love” became the first-ever Korean song played on the Grammy stage got its attention across the world.

In 2019 only, H.E.R. received the award for Best R&B Albums at the Grammy Awards.

Why first?

The two Korean artists Sumi Jo and Byeong Joon Hwang (previously nominated at Grammy Awards) have their compositions in Italian language and Russian language respectively. Therefore, technically BTS’s Love Yourself “Tear” is the first Korean album nominated for a Grammy.

In 2020 BTS become the first-ever K-pop act to perform on the Grammy stage where they shared the stage with Lil Nas X’s on his song “Old Town Road”. They have their charm that lyrics of the song Old Town Road” were sung as “Seoul Town Road”.

Grammy to Seoul Town Road

14th March 2021 is going to be the d-day for the BTS. Bts have been nominated for the 63rd Grammy Annual Awards for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance “Dynamite” which earlier hit the Billboard list Top 100 making it to the no.1 position.

Dynamite is been nominated against the western hits “Exile” of Taylor Swift, “Intentions” of Justin Bieber, and “Rain On Me” of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Now, all the eyes and ears are waiting for the Grammy result. Being a BTS fan I wish it’s them. Let’s cross our figure and wish BTS good luck!



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